Panoramini – Boxes with View are a creation by Elena Biringhelli, an artist featured by a taste for picturesque and bizzare.

Each piece is a small wooden boxe, in wich a whole panorama – a landscape, a view, a scene – is set, enriched with simple objects and presences. Every box is different from all the others, handmade and unique: Panoramini are precious jewels from the timeless scenic tradition, reproducing places, cities, dances, games, masks, chinoiseries and oddities.

The drawings are placed on distinct planes, in order to create a perspective and three-dimensional effect, fit to be explored by the viewer’s eye, exploring the single details in a personal way, meeting different figures and characters with a story to tell.

The artworks are divided into different themes, listed in “SERIES”


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    Panoramini is a totally customizable artistic object

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